The Oregon Bootleg Tapes – LIVE

  • Title: The Oregon Bootleg Tapes – LIVE
  • Label: MediaGroove Music
  • Catalog: MG-004 Includes: 11 song CD (6 panel DigiPak, 12 pg. booklet)
  • Distributors: CTD & SDS
  • Release Date: 05/20/14
  • File Under: Alternative / World / Funk / Post-Punk
  • Publicity: Ryan Dawes – Rock Paper Scissors –
  • EPK:
  • UPC: 859711924866
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“Stick Against Stone is one of the ‘missing links’ between post-punk, funk, no wave and world music.” -Bill Murphy (of Time Out New York)
splinters & candy

Praise for the new SAS – OBT LIVE  album:

Pitchfork –  7.3 rating – “.. not only deserves to be listened to, but nearly demands it. They had their eyes on the there and then, but they were playing 20 years into the future.
Vibe Magazine   “For a band pounding out such dissonant funk, Stick Against Stone sounds pretty tight. SAS may not get name-checked as often as their peers, but this live recording and the way they play on it should go a long way to changing that. ”
Wondering Sound “As music history goes, Stick Against Stone are a footnote to a footnote, but [the band] displays the same tense energy as many of their more popular musical peers.” 
Splinters and Candy   “One of the greatest joys any music fan can experience is when they stumble upon a group they’re unfamiliar with who challenge the assumptions of genres. Stick Against Stone is one of these bands. The Oregon Bootleg Tapes showcase aband that was at the forefront of a new kind of musical exploration, not locked down by the confines of punk or funk. Stick Against Stone mix it all together and give the people something to think about while they dance uncontrollably.”
KLCC Eugene Public Radio interview by  – “The Pittsburgh band Stick Against Stone merged punk with global rhythms. They moved to Eugene in the mid-1980s, and recorded a show at Eugene’s Saturday Market in 1985 just now being released on CD as The Oregon Bootleg Tapes.”